Hey, I totally love your comic! Its drawings style, its themes and characters, the way you built up the pages, it's really cool and interesting! I like it, you're good.

Really glad you appreciated it on so many levels! Its always scary for more inexperienced artists like myself to put their work out into the world- particularly greatly personal and experimental projects- so when  I get fan mail like this it is very rewarding. So thanks!

At last, my 50 page experimental comic, In the Eyes of a Three-Sided Sun, is complete.

This is only pages 1-10. 

Pages 11-20: http://pjorg.tumblr.com/post/43781102102/pages-11-20-of-my-new-comic-in-the-eyes-of-a

Pages 21-30: http://pjorg.tumblr.com/post/43867198370/pages-21-30-of-my-new-comic-in-the-eyes-of-a

Pages 31-40: http://pjorg.tumblr.com/post/43962542634/pages-31-40-of-my-new-comic-in-the-eyes-of-a

Pages 41-50:http://pjorg.tumblr.com/post/44043446224/pages-41-50-of-my-new-comic-in-the-eyes-of-a

Or if you want you can read the whole thing as a lower quality PDF here:


I want to thank everyone who supported me during this creative process. Thanks also to my very patient followers. And remember: this is an EXPERIMENTAL comic. Really, every page is a new experiment in layout, media, and storytelling. As such, the success of each experiment varies with each page. There are some pages that I really like and a few that still bother me. But at the end of the day, it was still a lot of fun to work on and I hope you enjoy!



Going to try to upload my now completed 50 page comic “In The Eyes of a Three-Sided Sun” tonight. If not then check back tomorrow.

Weird story

So, still working on the comic. As you might imagine, it is very close to completion. Today something very odd happened while I was working on it.
The comic has a lot of weird collage elements to it. At this moment I am working on a page with a playing card as one of its panels. For no real reason, I guess. You can pretend its symbolic of something though.
Anyway, at one point in the story one character gives another character a twenty dollar bill. I thought it would be cool to photocopy in an actual 20 dollar bill as part of the art.
Now, some people would call this counterfeiting, but you should know that the bill was going to be printed in black and white, on typing paper. One-sided, too. Really, nobody would ever fall for this even if I did try to use it for nefarious purposes. I scanned it in without a second thought.
Then the weird thing happened.
The printer started to print out the page with the bill on it. The scanned page also had the aforementioned playing card on it to save time and paper. It printed out the card part, but when it got to the twenty it suddenly canceled the job.
I tried again. It canceled the job immediately. My ink levels were fine. I took the twenty off and it started working again. I put the twenty on and it stopped.
I assume this is an anti counterfeit measure?? It’s creepy that they can detect that stuff… Anyway, if any currency actually appears in the comic now, it will probably have to be my actual money. Expect a high mark up.

That big comic

Uhh it’s gonna be 45 pages.

Not 35.

So it’ll take some more time.

Really quick- just wanted everyone to know that I have made WICKED LOTS OF PROGRESS on that really big comic since that last preview I posted. I’m just restraining myself from posting any more pictures of said progress because of spoilers. It will be out here for 2013, I can promise you guys that. (EDIT: this turned out to be a blatant lie.) Hopefully worth the wait. It looks like its going to be 35+ pages long!

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